Ecclesiastes 4: 12  "...a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken."

RESTORE Groups 2023

Prayerfully consider this opportunity to read and study the Bible in a small, committed group and

be challenged in your discipleship.


  • This is a 14-week study led by Pastor Jim on Wednesdays from 6-7:15pm. For centuries, the Bible was called "the Good Book", a moral and religious text that guides us into a relationship with God and shows us the right way to live. Today, however, some people argue the Bible is outdated and harmful, with many Christians unaware of some of the strange and disturbing things the Bible says. These strange and disturbing verses we read prevent many of us from taking the Bible seriously. Whether you are a Christian, a doubter, or someone exploring the Bible for the first time, in this six-session audio bible study bestselling author Dan Kimball guides you step-by-step in how to make sense of the most misunderstood, difficult, and disturbing Bible passages related to women, science, violence, slavery, and world religions. Filled with stories reflecting popular cultural objections.  How (Not) to Read the Bible is a lifeline for individuals who are confused or discouraged with questions about the Bible. Participants will need a copy of How (Not) to Read the Bible, by Dan Kimball, a notebook, and a Bible. The book can be ordered from Amazon or any other Christian book distributer.

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  • This is a 32-week study led by Jose Caraballo on Wednesdays from 6-7:15pm. To take Disciple II, you must have previously taken Disciple I. Disciple II takes a more in depth look at certain parts of the Bible. We will spend 16 weeks in the OT and 16 weeks in the NT. The OT readings will focus primarily on Genesis and Exodus. The NT reading will focus primarily on Luke and Acts. Disciple Bible study focuses on transformation, not just information. This study requires personal commitment to read all the material and commit to attending and participating in every meeting. Disciple calls on persons to submit themselves to examination by Scripture, to put themselves under the power of God’s word, and to be changed by God’s word. The cost of the Disciple II study book is $35.

  • This is a 14-week study led by Randy Callahan on Wednesdays from 6-7:15pm. Is ordinary good enough? Jesus chose ordinary men--fishermen, tax collectors, political zealots-- and turned their weakness into strength, producing greatness from people who were otherwise unremarkable. The twelve disciples weren't the stained-glass saints we imagine. On the contrary, they were truly human, all too prone to mistakes, misstatements, wrong attitudes, lapses of faith, and bitter failure. Simply put, they were flawed people, just like us. But under Jesus' teaching and touch, they became a force that forever changed the world.

    The book can be ordered from Amazon or any other Christian book distributer.

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  • This study will be led by Diane Smith on Wednesdays from 6-7:15pm. This isn’t the Ruth, the Naomi, or the Boaz we thought we knew. Carolyn Custis James has unearthed startling new insights from this well-worn story…insights that have life-changing implications for you. Within this age-old story is a map to radical levels of love and sacrifice, combined with the message that God is counting on his daughters to build his kingdom. The Gospel of Ruth vests every woman’s life with kingdom purposes and frees us to embrace wholeheartedly God’s calling, regardless of our circumstances or season of life. This story of two women who have lost everything contains a profound message: God created women not to live in the shadowy margins of men or of the past, but to emerge as courageous activists for his kingdom.

  • This study will be led by Diane Meeks on Wednesdays from 6-7:15pm. In this study, participants will watch an episode of The Chosen one week and then they will use their study guide (What Does It Mean to Be Chosen?: An Interactive Bible Study (Volume 1) – by Amanda & Dallas Jenkins) to take a deeper dive into the Scriptures used to create the episode that was watched. This is an exciting opportunity to study the Bible in very creative way.

  • This study will be led by Rosanne DeJarnette on Sundays from 5-6:30pm. This generation, “Generation Z”, is completely different from past generations. We as parents/grandparents, teachers, coaches, employers, co-workers and leaders, etc. are obligated to learn about this generation because we are called to reach and teach them. We must faithfully minister to them as we walk alongside them. They are the current wave of God’s humanity. They will be responsible for the next generation. So, let’s explore “Generation Z” and discover effective ways to connect with and lead the next generation (Deut. 6:6-7, Psalm 78:6).

  • This study will be led by Diane Smith on Tuesdays from 6-7pm at the home of Ann Todd. The characters we meet in the Bible play a huge role in our lives. Whether we personally relate to Joseph’s dedication to serving the Lord even when he was confused or we understand when Mary Magdalene mourns in front of the vacant tomb, the timeless stories we find in the Bible influence and inspire us to learn to be more like Christ. But how can we apply these lessons to our everyday lives? They Walked with God includes a series of meaningful, in-depth discussion questions that correspond with each biblical character that Max has highlighted, giving you a chance to reflect further about the incredible lives they led and the lessons we can learn from them.

Sunday School

Vidalia Cornerstone Church offers Sunday School classes for people of all ages. Each class meets from 10 – 10:45 am each Sunday morning. Check out our Sunday School Information Page to find out more about each class.